The 10 Fastest AI Content Detectors

I think I speak for all content creators when I say that in this competitive online landscape, time is of the essence.

It’s true! Search engines like Google reward sites which put out fresh content on the regular, and the emergence of generate AI tools mean we can create at an even faster rate.

The detection stage is one of the last but most important stages. After all, it’s good SEO practice to ensure your writing isn’t overly robotic before publishing it.

If you’re fine-tuning your workflow for maximum speed, you’ll want to know about the fastest AI content detectors on the web. Or maybe you see speed as a measure of how powerful the detection tool is, in which case this top 10 list is still a must-read.

Armed with a stopwatch, it’s time to begin our countdown of the AI detectors with the quickest processing times.

10. Sapling—3.48 seconds

One of only two models to exceed 3 seconds in processing time, Sapling is the slowest out of the fastest 10. I would love to give this tool the benefit of the doubt and suggest the delay is built-in to make users feel like their text is undergoing extraordinarily high levels of scrutiny, but I don’t believe this to be the case.

9. Originality AI—3.09 seconds

This popular model has by far the stingiest offering for its free service, with a word limit of 300 words and only a handful of scans before you’re prompted to get your credit card out. For this reason, I am pleased to report that Originality AI also went over the 3-second mark to seal its fate as the second slowest detector.

8. ZeroGPT—2.30 seconds

Although this detector has unlimited use and no word limit, we could only test it using text with a maximum length of 300 words to keep a level playing field due to Originality AI’s limitations. It clocked a respectable 2.30 seconds and accurately determined our text to be a product of AI.

7. Content at Scale—2.08 seconds

This AI content detector gives you a binary verdict when using the free service: your text either passes or fails. Since it’s not doing much in terms of providing a detailed breakdown of the result, you would expect a quick turnaround, and I would say this is exactly what happened, having nearly broken the 2-second barrier.

6. Undetectable—2.00 seconds

I would call Undetectable one of the more established artificial intelligence tools on the market, which means its infrastructure may be under considerable strain compared to the other models on this list. Despite this, it recorded a healthy processing time of 2 seconds.

5. Writer—1.70 seconds

Now we’re at the business end of our mission to find the speediest AI tool. Writer proves to be competitive in this race, coming in at a solid 1.70 seconds. It even displays a percentage bar to show the extent to which the text is written by AI, though the cynic within me thinks this could be a made up figure since there’s no breakdown.

4. Winston AI—1.62 seconds

Don’t be fooled by the elderly-sounding name—Winston AI is a lightning fast AI content detector. It brands itself as “the most trusted” detection tool, which may well be true because it appears to be an industry leader in the educational sector, and we all know how seriously the issue of plagiarism is taken in academia.

3. Copyleaks—1.34 seconds

It turns out that one of the most accurate AI content detectors is also among the fastest. Even before submitting the text for analysis, you get the impression this tool doesn’t mess around just from the interface alone. I hope they give the web designers a well-earned pay rise!

2. Surfer—0.78 seconds

Interestingly, Surfer doesn’t specialize in AI content detection (it’s an SEO product), so the fact their tool managed to determine the content origin in under a second is pretty remarkable. And the great thing about receiving a verdict this quickly is that you get a real sense of conviction behind the result.

1. AI Phrase Finder—0.00 seconds

Unlike all the other tools, AI Phrase Finder runs on the client side and therefore it processes text instantly in the user’s web browser, safely making it the fastest of the bunch. This also means that our AI content detector has the highest level of user privacy since nothing is sent server-side.