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Common ChatGPT Phrase: In This Digital World

If you ask ChatGPT a question that has anything to do with the present, there’s a high probablity it will kick things off with the phrase “In this digital world…” or a variation of it.

We looked into the matter and uncovered a number of insights into how this chatbot works, which helps to explain the phenomenon of this very common ChatGPT phrase.

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The 10 Most Common ChatGPT Idioms

While it’s great that ChatGPT is able to humanize its writing through the use of expressions, it would be nice if it changed things up from time to time.

Indeed, this otherwise intelligent AI platform seems to put the same idioms on rotation, which is amusing at first but quickly becomes a source of frustration, especially if you rely on the tool for long-form text generation.

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The 10 Most Common ChatGPT Metaphors

A really effective way to increase reader engagement is to help the reader conjure up vivid mental images. ChatGPT is well aware of this, but there’s a slight issue with how this chatbot chooses its metaphors.

For some unknown reason, ChatGPT returns to the same set of metaphors repeatedly.

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