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How to Display a Web Page So That It Is Larger Than Your Screen

If you want a web page to be displayed larger than your screen size, you basically have two options, and which option you choose depends on the purpose for doing this.

The main method is to insert the web page into another web page that you control. This might sound really technical, but it really isn’t. It’s your best option if you need to interact with the web page.

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Why AI Images Are Really Bad for SEO

If you think ChatGPT can take care of every single aspect of SEO, you need to have a serious rethink.

In fairness, AI does an excellent job when it comes to written content, which is arguably the most important part of getting a website to rank. Images also play a crucial role, but it turns out AI images are a total dud for SEO.

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How Photographers Can Take Advantage of ChatGPT

Nobody wants to be left behind in the AI revolution. Some people tap into the power of ChatGPT to help them with the odd task here and there in daily life, while others have much grander plans.

Those in the latter camp are constantly looking for ways to level-up their business or day job with artificial intelligence, and the payoff is very lucrative if they ever manage to crack the code.

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