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Why ChatGPT Uses the Word ‘Embrace’ So Much

The chatbot’s obsession with a select few words and phrases has been documented for a while now, but it feels like ’embrace’ is an anomaly among anomalies.

What is driving the extraordinarily high usage of this word? Why won’t ChatGPT put it on rotation with synonyms such as acceptance, inclusion or affection to help add more variation to its responses?

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Why Does ChatGPT Want to ‘Elevate’ Everything?

Words like ‘raise’, ‘improve’ and ‘advance’ are perfectly fine, but according to ChatGPT, they are far less desirable than ‘elevate’.

I admit it’s a nice-sounding word, and the fact the tool is able to use words metaphorically shows strong language learning skills, but we can all agree that ChatGPT is really testing our patience with the relentless repetition.

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Why is ‘Robust’ a Commonly Used ChatGPT Word?

You could be having a conversation with ChatGPT about those awesome swimming pigs in the Bahamas or cute nicknames for your girlfriend and it will still find a way to say the word ‘robust’.

On a personal note, I really like calling things robust. I just like the way it feels as the word flows from my lips—you can literally feel the robustness of robust!

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Avoid These Overused ChatGPT Words

If you don’t want your AI-generated content to be flagged as such, make sure it doesn’t contain words that are strongly associated with ChatGPT.

Indeed, there’s a phenomenon of commonly used words in texts generated by ChatGPT and this means Google, AI detectors, and even your readers can determine with high accuracy whether or not your content was written by a human.

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The 10 Most Common ChatGPT Adverbs

They are crucial for enhancing the description of a particular action, but that doesn’t mean you have to insert adverbs here, there and everywhere! Then again, ChatGPT isn’t exactly known for its brevity.

Not only is ChatGPT a huge fan of adverbs, it has formed a special club of adverbs that it likes to get extra mileage out of!

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The 10 Most Common ChatGPT Nouns

You can’t have a meaningful conversation with ChatGPT without the use of nouns. After all, they serve as the primary identifiers for people, places, things, and ideas.

However, this otherwise intelligent chatbot has a tendency to use the same nouns over and over again. When you become aware of this repetition, you start to feel like you’re interacting with a brainless bot rather than a supercomputer.

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The 10 Most Common ChatGPT Verbs

There’s no question that verbs are invaluable for making your writing more clearer and precise, but ChatGPT favors them for different reasons.

This AI chatbot seems hellbent on using one too many verbs to evoke emotions and conjure up vivid images. It prioritizes reader engagement above everything else, to the point where it outputs texts which are anything but engaging.

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